Friday, March 9, 2012

HDahoy.NET Review

Today I will review another HD movie tracker of which registration is most of the time close. HDahoy has 6,500 users, 8 uploading teams, 9.000 torrents, 20.000 seeders, 1.000 leechers and 20.07 S / L ratio.

If your ratio does not meet the standards required for the amount you've downloaded and the length of time you've been on the site, you will be put on ratio watch and demoted to the PowderMonkey class. You will have two weeks to get your ratio to the required level for the amount you've downloaded - failure to do so will result in your account being automatically disabled.If you download over 20GB while you're on ratio watch, you will be instantly disabled.Everyone gets to download their first 20GB before ratio watch kicks in. If you've been a member for less than 2 weeks, ratio watch doesn't kick in until the 50GB barrier. If you pass one of the barriers while on ratio watch, you are immediately subject to the new requirements. For example, if you've been a member of the site for two weeks and you've downloaded 40 gigs with a ratio of 0.20, then you go ahead and download another 20 gigs while on your first day of ratio watch, you will have 13 days to get your ratio up to your new target of 0.40. You are only allowed to go on ratio watch twice. The third time your ratio dips below the required level, your account is instantly disabled.

That's how their ratio system is.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What.CD Review

One of the awesome I have ever seen! I'm talking about With 148.000 users, 1.350.000 torrents, 460.000 artists, 600.000 releases, 300.000 FLACs, 9.000.000 peers, 9.000.000 seeders, 125.000 leechers and 75.10 seeder / leecher ratio is undisputedly the greatest private music torrent  tracker. Founded in 2007 hosts high quality and lossless songs. Being a member of is most of experienced torrent users' wish but it is not that easy to get into First of all, you can ask a friend of yours to give you an invite or you can buy invites or buffered accounts from forums such as TorrentInvites. The ratio system is little bit different on Actually, it is up to you. Required ratio rate depends on how much you download. Check the ratio rule out :

Saturday, February 25, 2012

CHDBits.ORG ( CHD ) Review is considered to be one of the biggest, the best private torrent trackers hosted in China. No lie, CHDBits is one of the most wanted torrent tracker for a torrent user with 50.000 torrents, 39.000 user, 2700% seed/leech rate and 440 terabyte database. As signing up is not open right now, it is hard to get on there. But if you have money, of course all doors are open. By donating via paypal, you can have a chance to sign up for CHDBits. Honestly, I did not donate but I gave some money for a buffered CHDbits account. It costed way more cheaper than donating, as donating amounts are 40$, 80$ and 400$. Also you can ask a friend of yours to send you an invite for a CHDbits account.

On the other hand, CHDBits staff does care about a user's ratio. Ratio that a user according to his class should be as defined on the image below, check it out :


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